Narrated by Nature

Responsive Pavilion

A temporary pavilion that’s material structure reacts to the effects of Brighton’s future climate.

Brighton Palace Pier’s amusements have offered the experience of ‘feeling’, forgetting yourself, releasing control, offering a change of pace to everyday routines.

Narrated by Nature offers a one-time experience with each visit. Located underneath the pier’s deck, it offers a new view of the sea; a historic novelty demonstrated in the construction of the i360 and the demand for boat trips to the wind turbines.

Aditionally, I propose that the platform be run by an artist residency programme. With residencies running for one year, the artists would design the platform and study the effects of coastal climate on their materials of choice.

Experiements lead me to play with the corrosive nature of copper. I welcome the notion that nature itself dictates human access to nature and pleasure of nature.

Narrated by Nature reminds us that nature rules.

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